What are the differences between the different Birth Alarm systems that are available?

* depends on the telecom provider

How many horses can I monitor with one Birth Alarm system?

The Mobile Multiple comes standard with 2 transmitters (Master and Slave) and can be expanded with an unlimited number of additional transmitters (art. 518). The Classic can also be expanded with an unlimited number of additional transmitters (art. 525/art. 029280). The other Birth Alarm systems work on one horse.  

How does the Birth Alarm transmitter establish a connection with the receiver?

The Classic uses a wireless, direct connection with the receiver. The maximum distance between the receiver and the transmitter is 500 metres to still receive a signal. The other Birth Alarm systems use the mobile network. The quality of the connection depends on the local network coverage of your telecom provider.  

Can the system be used for smaller ponies, such as Shetland ponies?

The BA Lite, the BA Mobile Premium, and the BA Mobile Multiple can be fitted under the headcollar and can be used for all types of horses. Furthermore, all Birth Alarm systems can be fitted on an anti-roll girth. These anti-roll girths exist in different sizes, from small (50010) to large (art. 535 + art. 50008). See the header 'accessories' for all the options. 

Which accessories can be connected to my Birth Alarm?

Accessories are only available for the Birth Alarm Classic, and they can be connected to the receiver. You can connect a telephone dialler (art. nr. 029235), which can call up to 4 numbers when it is activated. There is also an additional buzzer available with an extension cable of 25 metres (art. no. 527), a flashing light (art. no. 005208) that warns you with light signals and a siren (art. no. 005215) that gives you a loud sound alarm.

Which types of batteries do I need for my Birth Alarm?

Standard, all new Birth Alarm systems are fitted with pre-installed batteries in the factory. All Birth Alarm systems work on AA batteries (penlites). Always use Alkaline batteries, preferably the makes “Duracell” or “Panasonic”. The use of rechargeable batteries is inadvisable. Before every foaling season, replace all 3 batteries of the set at the same time to ensure reliable operation.

How long is the guarantee on the Birth Alarm systems?

All Birth Alarm systems carry a 2 year guarantee from the purchase date. This guarantee does not apply in the event of breakage, water damage and/or any other damage. Keep your proof of purchase in a safe place.

My Birth Alarm Mobile does not start up, why not?

Did you remove the pin code from the SIM? Has voicemail been switched off? Are the pre-programmed numbers on the SIM card in the correct way, as described in the manual?

What is the meaning of the light patterns of the status light on the Birth Alarm?

What is the meaning of the light patterns of the status light on the Birth Alarm?

What is the sleeping mode of the Birth Alarm?

The sleeping mode prevents an alarm going off when the mare is simply lying stretched out resting. The Birth Alarm Lite is the only version that does not have a sleeping mode.