How does Birth Alarm for horses work?


The birth of a foal

When a mare gives birth to a foal, during labour the mare usually lies completely on her flanks. This is the typical position for the birthing process. In this sideways position she is better able to deal with the contractions. Birth Alarm responds to the horse's contractions.


How does Birth Alarm for horses work?

The Birth Alarm system consists of a transmitter and a receiver.The transmitter is attached to an antiroll girth that is placed around the mare’s withers without bothering the horse in any way. You put the receiver in a place of your choice. The transmitter registers the time at which the horse takes up the typical birthing position and then gives an alarm signal after 7.6 seconds. At this point it is virtually certain that it is a contraction. Birth Alarm has been extremely successful on the market since 1997.


Which Birth Alarm is best for you?

The Birth Alarm Classic is the basic model, an extremely reliable system with a transmitter and a receiver. With a maximum range of 500 metres, this system offers the horse safety and the owner / carer a good night’s sleep.

Birth Alarm Mobile works on the same principle. However, in this version your mobile phone is the receiver, which means your range is unlimited. You will need a prepaid SIM card, and you only need to be in an area with a mobile signal.

Birth Alarm Mobile Premium (Smart) works like the Birth Alarm Mobile, but offers the option to attach the transmitter to the headcollar of the horse. Some horses prefer this. You can also receive SMS updates on the battery levels, the number of contractions, the settings and the network coverage.

Birth Alarm Multiple is like Mobile Premium (can be attached to the horse in two places), but a slightly different technology is used. With Birth Alarm Mobile Multiple you can maintain contact with all your pregnant mares - with just one SIM card. 

Birth Alarm lite is the entry level model of the Birth Alarm series without sleep setting. The Birth Alarm Lite alerts you via your mobile phone and can sound the alarm via a maximum of two different telephone numbers.