Experts evaluate Birth Alarm

Dr. Meyers

Dr. Meyers has worked in the area of equine reproduction at University as well as at breeding farm level since completing his residency in Theriogenology Veterinary Reproduction from Texas A & M University in 1985. He is currently at the Cheltenham Veterinary Centre in Inglewood, Ontario.

"Having tested the Birth Alarm Foal monitoring system on a number of mares it seems to me that Birth Alarm is the ideal foaling management tool for the breeder who does not want to worry about unattended foalings. It alerts the mare breeder that a mare is foaling reliably and accurately. It is very cost effective, especially in light of the cost of stud fees these days. No mare breeder truly serious about reproductive management and wanting to minimize losses at foaling through unattended birthing problems can afford to be without this system. In effect it is relatively inexpensive insurance."

Jos Lansink

“In top-class sport, we like to use reliable products which deliver peak performance. And of course that starts with the birth; good breeding material is essential for the performance of a top rider. Birth Alarm is a birth-monitoring system that can be relied on to signal the start of the birth. It is also very horse-friendly and easy to use. A product, which puts the "top" in top-class.”

Visais Fokbedrijf, Mr Lherpilière, 36300 Le Blanc

Equine research institutes, equine clinics and major stud farms have tested birth Alarm. Results in the field have also been very positive.

Visais Stud :

" We have been breeders for quite some time, but we found we had to diversify and introduce other services within the framework of the stud farm. All these activities occupy a lot of our time, especially during the annual foaling season, when we have to be on immediate call, keeping a close eye on the mares and taking care that foaling goes off without a hitch.

The Birth Alarm suits us perfectly, because it is so easy to use and can be adapted to suit all kinds of mares, even those that have not been broken in. Its reliability is recognised throughout the entire breeding profession, and its signal is sufficiently strong even to alert us to the start of foaling in the pasture. It gives a morale boost to breeders for the assistance if offers them, and can also be used for monitoring horses before and after diarrhea problems.

For today's breeders, the Birth Alarm represents a tool for monitoring, prevention and optimization of the opportunity of successful foaling, without being on stand-by all round the clock."